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Have You Tried Choco on Tenerife?

December 19, 2013 Jack 0

Mostly on Tenerife choco comes a la plancha (grilled), sometimes helped by a bit of garlic. The tastiest chocos I’ve eaten have benefited from the addition of… […]

Food & Drink

Have You Tried Cherne on Tenerife?

December 13, 2013 Jack 5

If a Canarian restaurant doesn’t have cherne on the menu, the chances are it’s not a bona fide Canarian restaurant. Cherne is one of the most popular fish… […]

Chef Yolanda León Garcia, Hotel Mencey, Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Food & Drink

Dinner With Michelin Star Chef Yolanda León

November 13, 2013 Andy 3

The invitation says eight o’clock, so why are we alone, surrounded by empty tables set for dinner and staring at a pristine, show cooking kitchen? As we check the invitation for the fourth time in […]