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Graffiti on Tenerife, How to Offend a Bishop

April 30, 2012 Jack 2

I recently penned an article about graffiti on Tenerife for Tenerife.co.uk which included some of my favourite images taken from around the island. However, after humming and hawing for a bit I decided to leave out the image which was my favourite. […]

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The Complete Guide to Farmers’ Markets on Tenerife

January 16, 2012 Jack 4

Wherever you are on Tenerife there’s a good chance that there’s a decent market not too far away and they’re always worth a nosey. Here’s Real Tenerife’s complete (almost) guide to farmers’ and agricultural markets on Tenerife. […]

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Wish You Were Here? Then Visit The Real Tenerife #1

December 17, 2011 Jack 0

The Anaga Mountains: our favourite walking area on Tenerife by a thigh stretching mile. We reckon if you did a Mr T with someone and dropped them in this spot they would never guess in a million years they were on Tenerife. […]