Learning to Live With Lizards on Tenerife

November 19, 2015 Jack 5

We have at least four types who inhabit the same space as us. The Tenerife lagarto (lovely markings), copper coloured skinks with a metallic sheen, a small striped lizard and the nocturnal geckos… […]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside on Tenerife

October 7, 2015 Jack 2

On the facebook page for a shopping centre in the south of Tenerife they’ve just printed a photo of a model wearing a long suede coat with the caption ‘it’s getting colder outside’.
It’s getting colder outside – in a week where we’ve hardly been able to sleep because it’s been so hot… […]

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Is Tenerife a Friendly Place?

July 2, 2014 Jack 3

Recently the Tenerife Tourism Corporation launched a new initiative called Tenerife Buena Gente which loosely translated means that the folk on Tenerife are… […]