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We Stare at the Rain

October 23, 2012 Jack 2

We watch random rivulets tracing an unsure path down the smooth glass. We marvel as a spout of water arcs triumphantly from the red tiled roof onto a patch… […]

Fire damage at Erjos, Tenerife
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The Aftermath of Forest Fires on Tenerife

September 30, 2012 Jack 4

I’d forgotten that something as destructive as a forest fire could occasionally through up surprises in its wake until last week when we went to Erjos to check out the damage to a walking route… […]

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September Morn

September 10, 2011 Jack 2

In the distance a cockerel completes his dawn duties with a final throaty bugle call. There’s silence for a few seconds before two doves take up the early morning chorus, cooing loudly from the top of the pine tree. […]