Enrame de Chorros, Getting Dressed Up for Summer in Puerto de la Cruz

As well as beach parties and dunking goats, there’s another pretty little tradition to welcome in summer in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife – Enrame de Chorros.

A dressed well, Enrame de Chorros, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

It is similar to well dressing in England and involves the town’s drinking fountains being decorated with flowers, fruit and vegetables, especially green ones.

The dressing takes place on 23 June, the day before Midsummer, and there are usually guided tours around the town’s main fountains.

Enrame de Chorros, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

As it’s all done to coincide with the Noche de San Juan, the whole decorating with fruits, flowers and veg also extends to the houses of anyone called Juan or Juana but it’s not their water taps that’s decorated, instead it’s their chairs.


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