Have You Tried Papas Locas on Tenerife?

Crazy Potatoes. They’re well named. Many times when we order papas fritas in a café on Tenerife the waiter will come right back at us with the question ‘¿papas locas?’

Most times our answer will be ‘no, papas normal’ but every so often we get a yen and it will be ‘por qué no’ – why not.

Papas locas – crazy chips. Why are they crazy? If you’ve tried them you’ll know why. When the plate appears it looks like a disaster zone, or a Jackson Pollock as one friend put it. The mountain of French fries are smothered in a spaghetti junction of red, white and neon yellow lines – ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. Those ingredients come as standard.

Papas Locas, La Frontera, El Hierro

After that, who knows? Chunks of ham and cheese are common, but other ingredients are down to the creativity of individual chefs. The papas locas in the picture were actually on El Hierro and the rogue ingredient on this occasion was shredded chicken.

They were wonderful as well, tasting a bit like Chinese curry and chips.

It’s probably one of the most anarchic dishes you’ll find on menus on Tenerife and some people might find the overdose of sauces a turn off. However, papas locas are fun and funky and cheap.


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