Delta Saints Play Santa Blues, Tenerife 2012

August 8, 2012 Andy 0

You know when you’ve been Delta Saint’d; your hand keeps reaching for the same CD from the rack, your mouse finger hovers over the play button on their download and your iPhone has them on every playlist. […]

Food & Drink

Tenerife Restaurant Review, El Duende in Puerto de la Cruz

June 30, 2012 Andy 2

El Duende is a Prince in pauper’s clothing; a foodie’s paradise in which Chef Jesús Gonzalez prepares imaginative and exquisite dishes for those whose palates and purses appreciate the best of ingredients prepared and presented with skill, love and creativity. […]


Bread Deliveries on Tenerife

August 6, 2011 Jack 0

This is one of those little things that always makes me smile whenever I see it. You tend to find it in the more traditional towns around Tenerife… […]