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What is bruma in Tenerife and the Canary Islands?

June 13, 2017 Jack 0

It was our friend Jo who first mentioned the word ‘bruma’ to us, long before we moved to Tenerife. We were visiting her on La Gomera, sitting on her terrace on the edge of the Garajonay National Park in the sun, drinking beer and marvelling at views… […]

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Scenes of winter on Tenerife

May 8, 2017 Jack 0

Rather than write another boring post about the reality of the weather across Tenerife I thought I’d just show you what walking on Tenerife has been like this winter. […]

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The beautiful Tenerife rain

November 22, 2016 Jack 0

It was a valuable lesson about the Tenerife where people lived and worked as opposed to the one on which to enjoy holidays… […]

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Ten Highs and Lows of Living on Tenerife

October 20, 2016 Andy 2

For anyone thinking of making a new life for themselves in Tenerife, this is my personal top 10 list of the good and bad, based on our experiences trying to earn a living here… […]


Tenerife Webcams Don’t Lie

June 8, 2016 Jack 0

There have been loads of times I’ve heard or read comments about Tenerife’s webcams showing exactly what the weather is like in various parts of the island. […]