Before construction of the TF1, Güímar was the gateway to the south of the Island from Santa Cruz.

The proliferation of Guanche archaeological sites around the caves and ravines of Güímar are testament to the importance of the area before the Spanish conquest of the Island. Güímar is one of Tenerife’s oldest towns as a result of a pact made between the Guanche Mencey Añaterve of Güímar on behalf of the southern Menceys and Alonso Fernández de Lugo, the Spanish leader of the conquistadores. As a result, with friendly relations already established, Güímar was one of the first areas to be settled by the Spanish.

Blessed with year round plentiful water supplied by the Barranco de Herques and the Badajoz and El Río Ravines, Güímar became wealthy from its rich agricultural output. Güímar’s rich supply of water was ingeniously tapped by farm workers through aqueducts, galleries and wells, ensuring a constant flow to the plantations of sugar, tomatoes, potatoes and avocados and making Güímar the principle supplier of produce to the south of the Island.

Set against the dramatic Izaña Mountains, the town of Güímar has a beautiful, well preserved old quarter with historic churches, traditional houses, and pretty plazas as well as a picturesque seaside and marina at El Puertito.


Recommended Restaurant in Güímar: Salamanca

Award winning restaurant in the old tobacco drying barn of the Hotel Rural Finca Salamanca; traditional cuisine is given a creative makeover producing combinations like Iberian fillet steaks in a palm honey sauce; great food and professional service in a classic, rustic location.
(+34) 922 514 530; Carretera Güímar;

Recommended Accommodation in Güímar: Hotel Rural La Casona

A beautiful sixteenth century restored house in the heart of the old quarter. The floors are polished to a dazzling shine, the lounge has a carved balcony overlooking the narrow street, the doorways threaten the skull of all but the tiniest of people and the suite has a four poster bed. With just six bedrooms, personal attention from the friendly owners and a great restaurant ensure a memorable stay.
+34 922 510 229; Calle Santo Domingo, 32

What is Nightlife Like in Güímar

Like most medium-sized traditional Canarian towns nightlife is low key. Younger residents head into Santa Cruz and La Laguna for action. But there are some good festivals during the year like the Goymar Rock Fest in El Puertito in August.