The small fishing village of Playa de San Juan in Guía de Isora on the south west coast of Tenerife lies sheltered from the Trade Winds. The area has virtually all year sunshine and very little rainfall, making it an ideal destination for those seeking sun and tranquillity from a holiday on Tenerife.

Playa de San Juan has developed slowly and seriously; the construction of apartments and sea front amenities is sympathetic with the natural environment. It is still a Canarian fishing community first and foremost.

Due to a lack of lack of rainfall and therefore any source of water, the coastal area of Playa de San Juan existed only as a fishing centre and, up until the 1950s, a tuna factory, a lime kiln and fishermen’s cottages were all that lined the natural harbour and coves of the village.

Hardship and poverty had forced much of the small population to immigrate to South America in search of work; it was wealth brought back by those same families, returning in the 1950s, that financed the construction of galleries and wells, bringing water to the area and so initiating its economic development. The water enabled cultivation of bananas and tomatoes which are still the mainstay of the municipality’s economy.

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What is Nightlife like in Playa San Juan?

Playa San Juan isn’t the place to go for a lively nocturnal scene but the Atlantic bar on the sea front has been known to rock to some good live music courtesy of the likes of Traveller Blues Band. Music in town tends to stop before midnight…unless there’s a fiesta.

Recommended Playa San Juan Restaurant: Marlin

Take a great dollop of stunning scenery; add some ultra stylish furnishings and sophisticated cuisine; garnish with a sensual sunset and viola, you’ve got Marlin overlooking San Juan’s revamped playa.
+34 922 832 365; C/Artes de Mar, 1

Recommended Playa San Juan Accommodation: The Abama Hotel

A North African styled, luxury hotel on the cliffs beyond the town. With gourmet restaurants, a bewildering array of spa treatments, the golf course, international tennis academy and beach with golden sand, no expense has been spared to ensure unbridled indulgence.
(+34) 922 865 444; Carretera General TF-47