The town of Tacoronte lies on the north coast of Tenerife and, up until the early part of the twentieth century, was the place where anyone wishing to explore the island would begin their journey; it being the last stop on the tram line from Santa Cruz.

Today, this is food and wine country. The heart of the Tacoronte-Acentejo region, it has the largest density of vineyards in the Canary Islands and its beautiful hillsides are cloaked in lush vines.

The municipality of Tacoronte was one of the original nine Mencey kingdoms of the Guanche; the natives who inhabited the island before its conquest.

Tacoronte was founded by Sebastián Machado, a Portuguese who had fought alongside Fernando De Lugo during the conquest of Tenerife. In 1508 he founded the small Ermita of Santa Catalina Mártir around which the settlement grew.

Today it is a bustling Canarian town with a wonderful agricultural market that doesn’t see many visitors to Tenerife despite its historic past.

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