Funky and Beefy, Blanco Burger Bar in Puerto de la Cruz

We eat out a lot. Sometimes for fun, other times as part of our work (which is also fun). The reason I mention is that there can be consequences… weight consequences. We also walk a lot which helps. But in August when it’s too hot to do as much walking as we’d like, the balance slips. This is where the 5:2 diet comes in.

Eat normally for five days and fast for the other two. It’s not a real fast, more eat a quarter of the average calories recommended for daily intake. We lump it all together in the one meal, dinner. But even then 500 calories doesn’t go far. It takes a lot of self discipline, but it works.

This week that self discipline was shredded by one thought which I voiced out loud late in the afternoon: ‘I fancy dumping the 5:2 tonight and going out to Blanco Burger Bar instead.’

Andy needed no further prompting.

An hour and a half later we were in the newest and funkiest burger joint in Puerto de la Cruz.

Blanco Burger Montage 1

The Look – Blanco Burger Bar
Blanco Burger Bar opened only recently. The second we spotted it, just before it was due to open, we were keen to try it as the Blanco brand promises quality. Blanco Bar has been one of our favourite bars since it opened thanks to its stylish good looks and great live music. We haven’t tried Blanco Restaurant yet, but it’s on the list.

First impressions were that Blanco Burger was certainly attractive with quality decor – all primary colours with a clean and pleasing-on-the-eye design that succeeded at being both simple and creative. It felt like a comfortable space, helped by good music and staff that seemed happy, almost ecstatic in their work – singing along to the sounds.

Then came the innovative ordering process.

You get your ‘menu’ – a list which you tick, tick and tick to create your dream burger. It starts with whether you want it rare, medium or well done.

There’s a choice of beef, pork, salmon, chicken or vegetarian.

Blanco Burger Montage 2

The basic €6.95 package covers burger with lettuce, relish (your choice), tomato and cheddar; a beer or water, and a handful of chips. You also choose what type of bun you want (ranging from classic to integral to bread suitable for people with celiac disease).

After that you can go crazy – fried eggs, avocado sauce, crispy onions, blue cheese, goat cheese, bacon etc. (these cost extra) – to end up with your customised, designer burger.

The salad menu works the same way.

It might sound complicated but it isn’t. You tick your boxes, give the slip to your waiter and wait.

Burgers and Food at Blanco Burger Bar
Designing your own burger is fun, but what about the finished product?

We’d both ticked ‘medium’ and that’s what we got, a beefy burger that was charred on the outside and pink in the middle. That in itself was impressive.

Blanco Burger Montage 3

As for the burger, what can I say? It was simply a sensational burger – a chunky, quality pattie full of beefy flavour. It was seriously good, prompting a few embarrassing noises from our table with each bite. Thankfully most other diners were outside and, as it was too early for Canarios, the place wasn’t full.

Even though you get a handful of chips with the burger, we’d figured if you’re going to sin, do it properly and had added on a portion of papas gajo – thick, seasoned chips with a sweet curry sauce. They rounded things off just perfectly.

We had gone to Blanco Burger Bar with high expectations. The style and ambience, the presentation of the food and the burgers themselves all exceeded those expectations.

It’s funky and fun and has been added to the list of ‘where to take friends’ when we fancy some cool and casual dining.

Blanco Burger Bar, Calle Blanco 1, Plaza del Charco, Puerto de la Cruz; (0034) 922 380 698; open daily 9.30am to Midnight (2am Fri and Sat); burgers €6.95.


Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+

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Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+


  1. We ate at Blanco Burger Bar a couple of weeks ago and I can’t say we had the same experience! The bun was extremely dry and the meat, whilst tasty, was cold when when it arrived. And so were the fries. Based on your review, I’m willing to give it another go. But as far as burgers go, in my book you can’t beat Gullivers up the road!

    • You must have gone very shortly after it opened. Maybe teething problems? I really like Gullivers as well, we had a burger hit there a couple of weeks ago. Blanco’s shaded it for me in terms of the quality of the actual burger. But it’s a bit like choosing between a Rolls and a Bentley, both are still head and shoulders above most burger places we’ve tried… except La Oficina 🙂

  2. Been there couple of days ago. What can I say after eating burgers at Gulliver as well? Blanco Bar’s burgers are something that you can make at home. Gulliver’s are not…they are simply “oh, my God!”. I have to agree with Michael on driness of the bun. Size of the burger is ridiculous too. It’s simply not worth the money. It is ordinary, and I really wouldn’t compare the two with a Rolls and a Bentley. And I tried the brownie at Gulliver and Burger Bar…it’s a joke. Burger Bar is failing in that section as well. However, the carrot cake is good ( I just wish it was fresh). I think I will stick to Gulliver’s delux burgers 🙂

    • On an island where most burgers are appallingly bad, I’m sticking by my belief that both are head and shoulders above most of the rest.

      I’ve eaten seriously mediocre burgers in the south of this island that were far, far more expensive than either. So I’m pleased I’ve got a choice of good, and decently priced, places on my doorstep to have a tasty burger hit when I fancy one 🙂

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