The Best Fiestas, Festivals and Events on Tenerife in September 2014

September – the month of beautiful visibility and perfect weather on Tenerife with all coasts enjoying temperatures of around 25+ Celsius. It’s also the month of the vendimia (grape picking) in the north of Tenerife which means big fiestas in the main wine growing areas around La Laguna, Tacoronte and Tegueste. In tourism terms it’s a bit of a crossover month with Spanish mainlanders being replaced by Northern Europeans as the month progresses.

La Librea

The Best Fiestas on Tenerife in September

La Librea, Tegueste (5 Sep)
It only happens every three years so Tegueste’s transformation back in time to enact an assault by ships (pirates, moors and British) on the town hall (turned into a fort) is one of those great Tenerife oddities that not many visitors ever see. There are plenty of other events in this small, wine-growing municipality during September but La Librea is the main show.

Fiestas de Santísimo Cristo, La Laguna (1 to 30 Sep)
A serious amount of celebrating takes place throughout the month in Tenerife’s former capital city of La Laguna with classical concerts (5 Sep), ballet (10 Sep); the annual Los Sabadeños festival featuring the island’s most famous traditional group and friends (6 Sep, Plaza del Cristo, 9pm); then there’s the chariots of fire parade with giants and floats (13 Sep, Plaza Concepción, 8pm); the famous Fuegos del Risco firework display from San Roque Mountain followed by a verbena – open air dance (14 Sep, 11pm); the La Laguna Solidarity concert (19 Sep, Plaza del Cristo, 9pm) and the Festival Alisios Pop (12 Sep, Plaza del Cristo, 9pm). There are, of course, all the usual fiesta favourites as well.

Fiestas de Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores, Tacoronte (1 to 30 Sep)
Another northern town where not a lot apart from partying is going to happen this month. The most intriguing sounding event is ‘El Bocadillo Gigante’ on 29 Sep.

fiestas Tenerife

Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Los Silos (until 27 Sep)
Normally tranquil Los Silos celebrates its fiestas patronales this month with the usual fiesta suspects and live music jazzing up the picturesque main plaza on Friday nights during the month. One of the more unusual fiesta event is the Boreal Festival on 19 and 20 (see festivals below for more info).

Fiesta del Carmen, Los Cristianos (until 8 Sep)
In most places the Virgen del Carmen had her annual sea trip a long time ago, in Los Cristianos it doesn’t happen until 8pm on Sunday, 7 September. It’s a popular event in the southern resort with open air dances taking place over the weekend.

Romeria de San Miguel, San Miguel de Abona (21 Sep)
One of the nicest towns in the south of Tenerife is a good place to be introduced to the world of Tenerife romerías (harvest festivals) and it’s not to far from the resort areas.


The Best Festivals and Music on Tenerife in September

Most of the best music fests take place as part of the fiestas in La Laguna, Tacoronte and Tegueste this month but there a few other interesting concerts taking place.

Starmus Sonic Universe Concert, Magma – Arte y Congresos (26 Sept, 8.30pm, tickets from €35)
The Starmus Festival includes a mix of science, art and music with Stephen Hawking headlining the science side of the festival and Brian May with Rick Wakemen headlining the musical side.

Festival Boreal, Los Silos (19 and 20 September)
This eco-festival kicks off with live music from 6pm till 1am on Fri 19th and continues on Saturday with a whole load of fun events, eco-workshops and dance exhibitions beside the whale skeleton before the music kicks in again from 5pm till 1am.

Feria El Medano

Summer Jam, Siam Park (13 Sep, 3pm to midnight, tickets from €66)
Another hot party at Siam Park with the annual Summer Jam fest featuring Steve Aoki, DJ Fresh, Tujamo, Lady Bee, Glow in the Dark and Leon Cormack. Summer isn’t over yet.

Foodie and other Events on Tenerife in September

Pinolere, La Orotava (Ethographic Museum, Pinolere, 5 to 7 Sep)
We know the biggest and best artisan fair on Tenerife is in September, but as it’s near the start of the month we thought we’d make sure you knew about it now.  The best and most unique handicrafts as well as music, food stalls and kiosks and craft workshops as well as loads more. This year the theme is jewellery. Wonderful setting and a fabulous atmosphere. 2014, Costa Adeje (1 to 30 Sep)
There are 29 establishments in Adeje participating in this year’s (‘taste me’) tapas route (15 to 28), creating dishes that include gofio, honey and cheese (€3 for tapa and a drink). As usual there are gastronomic themed events throughout the month, including food fairs, workshops, showcooking and the special with a mix of the lot plus music in Adeje (Plaza España) from 6pm on the 13th.

Librea Gofio

Papas y Batatas de Anaga, Santa Cruz (25 Sep to 15 Oct)
Around 30 great restaurants in Santa Cruz are participating in this tapas route with a potato and sweet potato theme. There are some fab sounding tapas like cod and sweet potato balls and black pig taco with beer chutney and sweet potato ravioli.

Sport and Fashion Fair, El Médano (13 Sep)
An interesting threesome in El Médano; it’s all about sport between 10am and 6pm and then it’s fashionistas with an outdoor theme until 9pm. From then on there’s an end of summer party till 3am.

Whilst these are our pick of the most interesting events on Tenerife, there is an overwhelming amount of interesting activities on Tenerife each month. Cultural Centres are excellent places to find out what’s happening wherever you are on Tenerife.


Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+

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Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+

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