The Best Views of Mount Teide on Tenerife

Whatever your opinion, whatever island you champion, it’s difficult to argue with the fact that Mount Teide on Tenerife is the biggest thing in the Canary Islands.

Spain’s highest peak is the towering jewel of the islands. Coming into land on Tenerife for the first time and the sight of the volcano touching the sky high above the clouds is a vision that’ll have your jaw bouncing off the aeroplane floor.

It is a natural wonder of the World.

And the rivalry between the Canary Islands is such that although Mount Teide is on Tenerife, other islands lay claim to boasting the best views.

Mount Teide from La Palma

Mount Teide from La Palma
La Palma doesn’t really claim to have the best view of Mount Teide; you can’t always see the volcano from the western island anyway. But when you can, it is quite a magical view, the mystical mount shimmering on the horizon.

Mount Teide from Gran Canaria

Mount Teide from Gran Canaria
The islands that claim Teide’s best views are Gran Canaria and La Gomera. Gran Canaria is Tenerife’s neighbour and biggest rivals in all sorts of things and vice versa. They’re the Manchester Liverpool of the Canary Islands and I can’t quite make up my mind who’s the main protagonist at the silliness that can take place between these two. It’s historical and political and can get in the way of the islands working together for the benefit of both. So Gran Canaria mischievously boasts that it has better views of Mount Teide than Tenerife.

There’s no denying the vistas are spectacular.

Mount Teide from La Gomera

Mount Teide from La Gomera
The views from La Gomera are better… and they know it. This isn’t the best shot but it should give you some idea of the sheer scale of Mount Teide and Tenerife from La Gomera. My favourite view is at sunset when the setting sun turns the mountain all sorts of colours you don’t really see on Tenerife itself. I would have used one except that the previous two images are sunrise and sunset shots.

Mount Teide from Tenerife

Mount Teide from Guajara, Tenerife
But the best views? The big difference is that on Tenerife you don’t just have one view of Mount Teide – you can view its mammoth bulk from all sides. I’ve been wowed by views of El Teide from other Canary Islands and have even bought into ‘the best view of Teide is from another island’ claim.

In the end, after having viewed Mount Teide from various islands and from all angles on Tenerife, I’ve come to the conclusion that the vistas from other islands are good, stupendous even. However, you just can’t beat casting saucer eyes on Mount Teide from across the unsettling volcanic plains of Teide National Park or the warm swathe of pines in the La Orotava Valley.


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