Strange Sunsets in the North of Tenerife

There’s been a strange light to the dusk sky in the north of Tenerife over the last couple of evenings; a haze that turns the sun into a fiery ball long before it should. With fires raging on Tenerife’s southern hillsides, the obvious answer is that an ashy cloud has drifted over.

Sunset at Puerto de la Cruz

Except I don’t believe it is. It’s more like a wispy gossamer cloud filled with moisture that descends as the sun goes down. Last night, after sharing a couple of bottles of  Inedit in Puerto de la Cruz with two passionate young American bloggers, Kyle and Megan from Traveling in the Moment, we headed for home at around midnight.

As I remarked to Andy that I could feel moisture in the air although I could see a galaxy of stars twinkling above me, a shooting star streaked across the starry, starry sky.

There was a strange quality in the air; although it was clear and warm, everything was damp. It’s been like this for the last two nights and we’ve woken up to find the outside tables positively soaking despite the fact that there has been no rain. It’s much more than condensation.

As I watched that shooting star, there was a part of me willing (wanting) to believe that magic was at work; that Mother Nature was intervening and adding moisture to a parched land to keep it safe… just in case.

This morning I woke to learn there had been an outbreak of fire in Santa Ursula but that it had been brought under control rapidly.

What’s wrong with believing in a little magic?

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