Wish You Were Here? Playa Bollullo

Although we’re always banging on that Tenerife is more than a sun and sea destination, it does have plenty of enticing spots to lay out the beach towel, sarong or raffia mat.

At Real Tenerife we’re not massive fans of beaches where the sunbeds look as though they’ve just done a stint in the army and think they’re still on the parade ground.

Much more to our liking are beaches which exude more of a carefree, get away from it all personality. Beaches like Playa Bollullo in La Orotava; our favourite beach on Tenerife.

Playa Bollullo, Tenerife

There’s no stepping out of the hotel and on to the beach with this Tenerife playa. To get there involves a decent trek through the banana plantations from Puerto de la Cruz or negotiating a narrow one lane road with very, very few passing places. And once there, most of the time the sea is only suitable for confident water babes.

All of which helps keep the beach relatively crowd free. With a tiny ramshackle beach bar overlooking the beach that serves tapas, bocadillos and cool cervezas, it’s a chilled out spot to catch some rays.

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  1. Hi, it looks idealic, and you may like to keep it to yourself. But since you have brought it to our attention. Perhaps we can have some directions.
    By foot of course, we don’t want to spoil it with parked cars.

    • Head up to La Paz and follow the road running parallel with the coast until it leaves the buildings behind and starts to curve up towards the Shell garage. There’s an underpass on the left about halway up that takes you onto the Bollullo trail, it heads through the bananas all the way to the beach. Lots of locals do take their cars… but they’re all left on the clifftop above the beach, so they don’t interfere with the scenery 🙂

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