carnival TenerifeThere are hundreds if not thousands of articles and pages about carnival on Tenerife (or carnaval as it’s called here). We can confidently say The Real Tenerife’s is different.

We’ve notched up first hand experience of carnival across Tenerife, watching numerous opening and closing parades and high heels drag marathons; we’ve regularly donned fancy dress for all night street parties and worn widows garb to join in the Burial of the Sardine processions; we’ve been backstage at the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen and interviewed a bleary-eyed but beautiful newly elected queen in the grounds of the Hotel Mencey the morning after she was elected (she almost fainted she was so tired). We’ve even interviewed a carnival queen costume designer in a secret location in Santa Cruz as he worked on his latest creation.

When it comes to carnival, we’ve jumped into its hedonistic clutches many, many times. Our Carnival information comes from first hand experience and insider info. That’s why we know it’s different.

Carnival on Tenerife Posts

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