What many people who don’t know Tenerife – and even some who think they do – aren’t aware of is that the island offers visitors an impressive range of holiday options. The island’s resorts, towns and villages have very different and contrasting characters whilst there is a bewildering ‘eeny meeny miny mo’ choice of accommodation that ranges from village-sized 5 star hotels to…well, a tent in the pine forest.

Tenerife’s purpose built resorts offer accommodation in everything from luxury hotels to self-catering apartments to small budget hotels. Move out of the resorts and the choice becomes even more diverse. There are hotels in colonial mansions in historic towns, chic city centre hotels, boutique hotels in picturesque ports, modest pensions in small fishing villages and hill towns, atmospheric rural hotels and houses in stunning surroundings and the island’s Parador; alone except for the stars and Mount Teide in Las Cañadas del Teide.

Real Tenerife’s Guide to Towns & Resorts on Tenerife will include information about the location as well as our personal hotel & restaurant recommendations and other snippets that we hope you find useful…and a bit different.

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  1. I think you should review your editorial practice. Publications throughout this site, although helpful and insightful come across extremely pompous. Quite typical of travel correspondents mind, who generally see the general masses of british tourists as uneducated and rough.
    Some of jacks comments and replies to people on the weather page scream arrogance and self indulgence. The editorial picture of him seems to confirm this. Yes jack, you are educated its quite apparent and yes jack you are well travelled, you tell us that in the replies!
    Its a shame that a site which could be and isnt far off excellent is tarnished with a writer whos only indulgence is his egos. Hmmmmm

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