Nightlife on Tenerife
The choice of bars on Tenerife is as diverse as the choice of restaurants on Tenerife. Tenerife’s reputation as being full of Brit bars is a bit misleading. Clearly they do exist but mainly only in the resort areas. Most of the bars on Tenerife are low-key Canarian affairs except in the larger towns and cities where there are some buzzing bars and clubs with a great live music scene. Whilst Playa de las Américas is known as the nightlife centre of Tenerife, that’s only in tourism terms. La Laguna, Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz all have very lively nocturnal scenes but as they don’t hit their stride till after midnight, they often don’t make it onto the radar of many British visitors.

Real Tenerife’s nightlife page includes our recommendations for bars (from bouncing, sweaty Cuban clubs to cool terraces to sink a sundowner), favourite bands and festivals and anything generally connected with having a good time where alcohol and music is concerned.

Nightlife on Tenerife

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