Real Tenerife hotel reviews only include hotels we’ve stayed in. From luxury hotels in purpose built resorts to rural hotels in Tenerife’s hinterland we regularly check in to hotels across the island and then check out how good they are.

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Hotels in Costa Adeje

Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque
Sitting behind one of the most attractive beaches on Tenerife the Bahia del Duque looks like a cross between Disneyland and Portmeirion. Read full review.

Hard Rock Hotel
A beacon of chic and sexy style shining out in the heart of the tired resort of Playa Paraiso, everything about this place simply rocks. Read full review.

Hotel Colon Guanahani
The Hotel Colon Guanahani in Costa Adeje was a pleasant surprise, a small hotel in the centre of one of Tenerife’s main southern resorts. Read full review.

Hotel Costa Adeje Gran
The Costa Adeje Gran is a five star hotel with no pretensions. Basically it’s friendly, comfortable and easy on the eye with some interesting features. Read full review.

Hotel Iberostar Anthelia
The Hotel Ibersotar Anthelia is a classically tasteful, luxury hotel in Costa Adeje which prides itself on its food. Deservedly so we feel. Read full review.

Vincci Seleccion Plantacion del Sur
An environmentally-aware, stylish, tranquil and relaxing luxury hotel set above the coast at the quiet end of Costa Adeje. Read full review.

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Hotels in Garachico

Hotel La Quinta Roja
A beautiful, 17th century historic mansion set right on Garachico’s picturesque plaza offering a friendly, stylish and comfortable base from which to explore. Read full review.

Hotel Rural el Patio
A handsome and historic, 16th century manor house set in splendid isolation amongst the banana plantations of Garachico’s coast. Read full review.

Hotel San Roque
The very best of Tenerife’s boutique hotels, the San Roque in Garachico combines tradition, comfort and service with consummate style. Read full review.

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Hotels in Guia de Isora

Hotel Gran Melia Palacio de Isora in Alcala
The Gran Melía Palacio de Isora occupies a dream of a location on the south west coast, one of the sunniest spots on the island. Read full review.

Hotels in La Orotava

Parador de Cañadas del Teide
Unique is an overused word. But as the Parador de Cañadas del Teide sits in the centre of a manic, volcanic landscape at the foot of Spain’s highest mountain and the third largest volcano in the world then yes, unique seems the right word to describe it. Read full review.

Hotels in Playa de las Americas

Hotel Europa Villa Cortes
The Hotel Europe Villa Cortes is a wonderfully exuberant blast of Mexican vivacity in a luxurious package in Playa de las Americas. Read full review.

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Hotels in San Miguel de Abona

Hotel Rural San Miguel
A beautifully restored Canarian manor house and converted farmhouse set in the heart of San Miguel de Abona in the hills above the south coast. Read full review.

Sandos San Blas Nature and Golf Resort
The Sandos San Blas is a Tenerife hotel which is quite unlike any other Tenerife hotel. It looks luxurious, has a strong connection with local culture, and has bags of unusual features. Read full review.

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Hotels in Santa Cruz

Grand Hotel Mencey
Simply put, we love the Grand Hotel Mencey. We love the style, the vibe, the rooms, the location, the food. Read full review.

NH Hotel
A moderately priced city centre hotel offering contemporary style and comfort in one of the best locations for exploring Santa Cruz. Read full review.

Hotels in Vilaflor

Hotel Spa Vilalba
The Villalba is one of our favourite hotels on Tenerife. It simply ticks all the boxes we like in a hotel – from its location and family friendly vibe to its style and good looks. Read full review.

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  1. Amazing work you guys have done with your books.I don’t supppose you have a guide with small, private b&b’s? Tha is one way I’d love to do Tenerife: just stay with local families and hop from one place to another.

    • Thanks Graeme. We don’t, sorry. But if you want a more immersive experience check if there’s a ‘pensión’ in any of the places you fancy staying. Another way we particularly like is to stay at small, family run rural hotels. There’s a good choice of them on the island, usually in scenic areas.

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