Real Tenerife Island Walks PDF Guides

Real Tenerife Island Walks

Discover verdant valleys, plunging ravines, sweeping forests, remote corners, tiny hamlets and vistas galore with our series of detailed Tenerife walking routes. Our detailed instructions give you stage by stage directions with time and distance checks, points of interest along the way and recommended places to ‘unlace the boots’ over a beer or a coffee when you finish. Available in ‘easy to use and use again’ PDF format.

Find out more about Real Tenerife Island Walks here and also on our Walking Tenerife website.

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  1. Looks great and purchased one of the pdf guides. No link given or emailed to access the pdf?

    • Hi Steve,

      I’ve already answered you by email, but I’m adding this as advice to others who might want to know how it works.

      As soon as the purchase is made an email is automatically sent to the buyer. This has an order number as well as a link to the page where customers can download the routes they’ve bought at the press of a button. This page also informs them they have 120 hours and five attempts in which to download these routes. We also are sent a duplicate copy of this email so that we know the process is working as it should.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Steve,

      The email I sent has bounced back undelivered which might explain why you haven’t received the email with the link. It’s a different email than the one used on this comment, so maybe there’s an issue with it. I’ll try contacting you using this email address.

  2. Hi, We have your walk this way book which friends bought us as a present when we moved to Tenerife for a year last summer. It’s been fantastic! We have some local friends who are envious…but I think they might not understand all the English. Do you have a Spanish translation by any chance? If not, any recommendations for the best Spanish language walking guides of the island? Many thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment about the book, Ellie, it really means a lot to hear feedback like that. Unfortunately it’s not available in Spanish. The only Spanish hiking guides we ever used were ones we picked up from various ayuntamientos around the island, and they tended to be quite sparse when it came to information about route directions. Sorry.

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