Ten Things About Puerto de la Cruz

Where is Puerto de la Cruz?
Puerto de la Cruz lies on a promontory sticking out below the La Orotava Valley on the north coast of Tenerife. It’s a 50 minutes drive from Tenerife Sur Airport (only a bit more by public bus as it hardly stops anywhere en route) and 20 minutes from Tenerife North Airport.

What I like about Puerto de la Cruz
It’s the perfect tourist resort for visitors looking for a destination that is distinctly Canarian in character but has the facilities of a tourist resort. On Tenerife there are resorts with more tourist facilities and there are towns that are more traditional. But there isn’t anywhere else on the island that mixes the two quite like Puerto de la Cruz. If anyone suggests there is, just ask them to point out a building more than a hundred years old.

Harbour and Old Custom’s House

What I don’t like about Puerto de la Cruz
The towering Bel Air complex is an abomination of a building and a blot on the landscape. It completely ruins Puerto’s skyline and should never have been built.

Where I’d stay in Puerto de la Cruz
The Hotel Monopol without a doubt. It’s not the most modern of hotels…but hey don’t come to Puerto de la Cruz if you’re the sort of person who picks a destination by a hotel. It’s location is perfect, the atrium lounge is a charmer and the balcony of one of the rooms overlooking the Plaza de la Iglesia is an idyllic place to people watch accompanied by a glass of the local vino tinto.

Where I’d have a coffee in Puerto de la Cruz
Seats at the Ebáno Café on Plaza Iglesia are at a premium on Sunday afternoons when smartly dressed Canarios from the surrounding valley pack the town’s streets. It’s elegant and occupies a spot on one of the town’s prettiest plazas.

Mixed Starters at Mil Sabores

Where I’d eat lunch in Puerto de la Cruz
I’m torn, but I never tire of a seafood lunch on the terrace at the Cofradía de Pescadores overlooking the harbour. Being a fishermen’s restaurant you know the fish is going to be fresh to the point that it’s probably hardly gasped its last breath before it arrives on your plate.

Where I’d eat dinner in Puerto de la Cruz
Mil Sabores in the fishermen’s district of La ranilla has never let me down. A sophisticated Mediterranean menu whose only fault is that everything on it sounds so good that the decision making process can make your head hurt. The mixed starter for two will have foodies swooning.

Where I’d sunbathe in Puerto de la Cruz
The swimming pool complex of Lago Martiánez is tempting but the long black sand beach of Playa Jardín has the added attract of lively waves to add a bit of adventure to time spent on the beach, The Punta Brava end is sandier at the water’s edge.

Taoro Water Gardens

Where I’d go for a drink in Puerto de la Cruz
It depends on the time of day but my favourite bar at the moment is Blanco Bar near Plaza Charco. It’s stylish, has a great roof terrace and, best of all, showcases some cracking bands (don’t expect Rod Stewart sound-alikes although you occasionally get Bob Marley and The Police ones).

Where I’d avoid in Puerto de la Cruz
I’m wary of any restaurants serving British food in Puerto de la Cruz because I had the worst meal I’ve eaten in Tenerife at a British bar/restaurant in the La Paz area. It was chosen purely because a family member wanted scampi and it was depressing, frozen fare. I just don’t see the point when there are so many good restaurants in the town and I haven’t seen a British menu that has convinced me it is going to change my mind.

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  1. Great article. Totally agree about the Bel Air Complex. It’s an eyesore inside and out! There’s another couple of very ugly tall brown buildings next to the basketball courts behind Playa Jardin that shouldn’t have been built either.

  2. What I don’t like – Bel Air, but then everybody does, but I have got used to now. Also the petrol station next to it.

    Where I would stay – I like the Monopol, the flowers at the door attract me every time.

    Where I have coffee – we like the City Cafe in the Columbus Centre.

    Where I sunbathe – the Lido is lovely, as is the beach at Playa Jardin. Many years ago the beach at Playa Martianez was the place to go, it is a pity as it seems to have been neglected of late.

    Where I go for a drink – there are so many places, but my favorite is the cafe overlooking the bay at Martianez as the sun goes down.

    Where I avoid – I don’t think there is any where I avoid, Puerto is such a lovely town. Home from home.

    • Thanks for adding your likes Richard. It’s good to see what other people think. City Cafe in the Columbus Centre – good choice 🙂

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