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Traditional Canarian cooking generally involves simply grilled meat and fish dishes and hearty stews. It’s good wholesome food and is thoroughly enjoyable but when you spend a lot of time in the more traditional areas of Tenerife you soon notice that just about every traditional restaurant on Tenerife has virtually the same menu.

However, there are variations on a theme so that restaurants in the hills can have a menu featuring more hearty dishes like puchero, Rancho Canario (types of stews) and conejo en salmorejo (rabbit in sauce) whilst restaurants in fishing towns on the coast on Tenerife feature a dizzying range of fish and seafood. So although there’s little imagination in presentation and style, there are at least quite a lot of different dishes to choose from.

In the bigger towns and cities some of the newer breed of chefs have sharpened their knives in restaurants in the mainland and are now introducing a more exciting fusion of the traditional Canarian cooking given a modern makeover. Restaurants in the purpose built resorts on Tenerife tend to cater for a more international market which means a good choice but finding local or even Spanish food isn’t always easy. Types of restaurants on Tenerife vary enormously from chic über cool establishments to ramshackle guachinches (makeshift restaurants selling a limited choice) that can often be in someone’s garage.

Tenerife Restaurant Reviews
Real Tenerife’s Restaurant Review Page includes our reviews of restaurants across Tenerife from special places in which to enjoy posh nosh to eating on the hoof in the street. Find out where to enjoy an unforgettable meal or where to give a miss here.

Food & Drink on Tenerife

Trying Tenerife’s tasty degustación menus

January 20, 2018 Jack 0
Here’s how the conversation goes in our house when we’re planning a visit to any of our favourite restaurants where the cuisine is more of the imaginative kind. “I’m not having the degustación menu this [...]

A taste of honey on Tenerife

October 5, 2017 Jack 5

Before we moved to Tenerife I could take or leave honey. Now a jar of local, golden (or otherwise) goodness is one of the things I seek out when I travel anywhere. […]

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