Michelin recommended restaurants on Tenerife

Here’s a question. How many Michelin star restaurants are there on Tenerife?

The answer, for anyone who doesn’t know, is five.

Here’s a slightly different question. How many Michelin recommended restaurants are there on Tenerife?

The answer to that question is eighteen.

As well as the prestigious stars, Michelin recommends restaurants based on other factors which don’t necessarily involve high-end cuisine. Restaurants are recommended because they serve good food at reasonable prices or consistently well prepared dishes using fresh ingredients. Saying that, Michelin do tend to veer toward gourmet food.

What that all means is when you dine in a restaurant with any Michelin symbol you know you’re likely to enjoy a good meal as it’s been tried, tested and approved for recommendation by inspectors.

The current list of recommended restaurants covers a wide spread of Tenerife.

Canarian black pig, El Rincon de Juan Carlos, Los Gigantes, Tenerife
Canarian black pig, El Rincon de Juan Carlos.

El Rincon de Juan Carlos, Los Gigantes – one Michelin star
Our favourite restaurant in the Canary Islands is a family affair where the food we’ve eaten over three visits matches and surpasses Michelin star restaurants we’ve dined at in other countries. This is creative cuisine, so not a choice for anyone who likes big portions at low prices. We wrote this before the restaurant was awarded its star.

M.B, Ritz-Carlton Abama, Playa San Juan – two Michelin stars
The only two Michelin star restaurant on Tenerife, M.B is named after the renowned chef Basque chef, Martín Berasategui whose restaurants around Spain boast a host of stars. The menu features creative dishes inspired by Basque cuisine.

Kabuki, Ritz Carlton Abama, Playa San Juan, Tenerife
Kabuki, Ritz Carlton Abama.

Kabuki, Ritz-Carlton Abama, Playa San Juan – one Michelin star
One of two Michelin star restaurants on Tenerife whose menu has a Japanese theme.

Txoko, Ritz-Carlton Abama, Playa San Juan – Michelin plate
Another of Martín Berasategui’s stable of restaurants in the Abama. The menu features modern takes on traditional Spanish cuisine. With Erlantz Gorostiza, also chef at M.B, overseeing the food I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Tenerife’s next Michelin star restaurant (anywhere with Martín Berasategui’s name attached seems to have a good chance of being awarded a star).

La Cupula restaurant, Costa Adeje, Tenerife
La Cúpula, Hotel Jardines de Nivaria.

La Cúpula, Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, Costa Adeje – Michelin plate
Another restaurant in a luxury hotel, La Cúpula occupies a fabulous location with panoramic views of the ocean. Chef Rubén Cabrera was recently recognised as a Gastronomic Ambassador for Tenerife. The menu is contemporary, creative cuisine with Canarian influences.

Sucás, Hotel Baobab Suites, Costa Adeje – Michelin plate
We haven’t eaten at Sucás but Chef Lucas Maes’ restaurant in La Orotava was one of our favourites. In fact, photos of the restaurant show there are even similar design features at Sucás. His food tends to be gourmet; beautifully cooked and presented but not as avant-garde as Michelin star restaurants.

Tempura oysters, Kazan, Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Tempura oysters at Kazan, Santa Cruz.

Sensu, Hotel Bahía del Duque, Costa Adeje – Michelin plate
You might be seeing a trend by now. Most Michelin recommended restaurants in the south of Tenerife are in luxury hotels. We’ve been saying for years the best restaurants in the south of the island are in the 5 star hotels, it’s where Tenerife’s gastronomic renaissance began. Sensu’s menu features Japanese food, another island trend.

Casa Fito, Granadilla de Abona – Bib Gourmand
Casa Fito, being in the hills, stays below visitors’ radar yet is considered one of the best Spanish restaurants on the island. Don’t expect trad Spanish cuisine though, having a Bib Gourmand recommendation identifies it as being more sophisticated nosh.

Colourful salad, Solana, Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Colourful salad at Solana, Santa Cruz.

Solana, Santa Cruz – Michelin plate
One of the modern breed of Canarian restaurants serving cuisine that has its roots in tradition but with a creative construction that is unmistakably 21st century. The taster menu is excellent value.

Kazan, Santa Cruz – one Michelin star
It seems incredible that Tenerife has not one, but two Michelin star Japanese restaurants. Japanese food has become increasingly popular around Europe in the last decade and you can find sushi restaurants in the most unlikely places. The food is beautifully cooked and presented, but that’s the case with any good Japanese restaurant.

Snacks in the cloud, Nub, La Laguna, Tenerife
Snacks in the cloud at Nub, La Laguna.

Sagrario, Santa Cruz – Michelin plate
The most recent review on Tripadvisor at the time of writing called this a Michelin star restaurant, it’s not. It’s most definitely a plate – the food is traditional with a bit of flair, and with the main focus being on fish and seafood.

Abikore, San Andrés – Michelin plate
We’ve long felt little San Andrés was one the best places on the island for fish and seafood. It boasts not one but two Michelin recommended restaurants… neither are traditional fish and seafood joints. Akibore’s menu is an intriguing fusion of Spanish and Japanese with a dash of Peruvian.

Pulpo a la Gallega with a view, Terraza del Sauzal, Tenerife
Pulpo a la Gallega with a view at Terrazas del Sauzal.

La Pousada del Pez, San Andrés – Bib Gourmand
Closer in culinary terms to other restaurants in the town, the menu at La Pousada del Pez is built around fish and seafood, but this is a sophisticated, upmarket restaurant and its dishes have more flair as a result, hence the Bib rating.

Nub, La Laguna – one Michelin star
The latest Tenerife restaurant to be awarded a star for its innovative fusion of Chilean and Italian cuisine. We reviewed it recently if you want more details.

View from terrace at Haydee, La Orotava, Tenerife
View from terrace at Haydee, La Orotava. This was the original restaurant, their new location is nearby, so the view’s not so a different.

La Sundunga, Tegueste – Bib Gourmand
Where most Michelin recommended restaurants in the south tend to be in luxury hotels, in the north they can be found in locations where there are far more locals than visitors. La Sundunga is in about as traditional a spot as you could find, yet the menu features contemporary dishes from across the globe.

Terrazas del Sauzal, El Sauzal – Michelin plate
Possibly the restaurant with the best view on Tenerife, when the weather’s right. Terrazas del Sauzal has a menu to please many with Canarian, Spanish and international dishes, all nicely presented.

Steak at Brunelli's, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Steak at Brunelli’s, Puerto de la Cruz.

Haydee, La Orotava – Michelin plate
One half of a talented brother and sister team, Víctor Suárez learned his trade in the kitchens of Martín Berasategui and Ferran Adrià before returning to his roots in the Orotava Valley. More creative Canarian cuisine with Asian influences to spice things up.

Brunelli’s, Puerto de la Cruz – Michelin plate
And finally, one for serious steak aficionados – Brunelli’s in the Punta Brava area of Puerto de la Cruz. If you’re not into steak, it’s not the place for you. In fact if you are into steak but like it well done, it’s still not the place for you.

In our view, whilst the list does include the best restaurants on the island it also includes ones which wouldn’t make it on to our list. But food and dining is a subjective business. What is guaranteed, unless there’s a glitch, is you’ll get quality ingredients and good food in all of them.

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