Graffiti on Tenerife, How to Offend a Bishop

I recently penned an article about graffiti on Tenerife for which included some of my favourite images taken from around the island. However, after humming and hawing for a bit I decided to leave out the image which was my favourite.

When you have a gander at the photo you’ll see why, and also why it caused minor outrage when it was ‘unveiled’ last year on an arty garage door near the Iglesia de la Concepción in La Laguna.

Some wanted it removed immediately – backed by Tenerife’s Bishop according to artist Gervasio Arturo – whilst others saw it for what it was an amusing piece of street art that may or may not be having a dig at the ‘nakedness of ecclesiastical character’ which is what some of the more creative types in La Laguna read into it.

Whatever its message, I like it – it’s got a grungy anarchy reminiscent of some graphic novels from my youth. Anyway, if you take the anarchy out of graffiti what’s the point of it?

The work was commissioned by the owner of the garage door at Sala Conca which is a sort of local institution known for it’s artistic appearance.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you! In some ways graffiti has lost its way. It definitely should have at least a hint of anarchy or satire!

    I have to go take a look at this! I have photos of that garage door with other graffiti.

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