One Thousand Flavours, Review of Mil Sabores in Puerto de la Cruz

I’ve just realised with shock and horror that we haven’t included a review of Mil Sabores on Real Tenerife. I can only assume it’s because of some subconscious reluctance to share it.

Mil Sabores in Puerto de la Cruz is possibly our favourite restaurant on Tenerife.

It isn’t the best restaurant on Tenerife; it isn’t the cheapest restaurant on Tenerife; it isn’t the most traditional restaurant on Tenerife and it isn’t necessarily the most homely restaurant on Tenerife.

But I could happily devour everything on the menu (and have spent the last few years attempting to do so). When anyone asks for ideas for a special place to have dinner in Puerto de la Cruz, Mil Sabores is number one on the list of suggestions.

Located in the fishermen’s district, Mil Sabores sits in a narrow alley amidst other stylish restaurants. At night the candlelit tables that crowd the alley have you smiling goofily and holding hands – it’s a romantic hotspot.

The restaurant itself is located inside an old colonial house that was formerly the amusingly named restaurant Mi Vaca y Yo (My Cow and I).

Inside is a warm and welcoming blend of rustic town house and contemporary colour schemes – it feels both historic and modernistic; not fussy but classically fashionable. The sort of place where you want to look as good as possible to compliment the décor but that also has that Spanish chilled-out ambience. Like I said, perfect for a special meal or when you want to show friends the best of Puerto’s cuisine scene.

The Important Business: The Food at Mil Sabores
The food is classed as Mediterranean which gives it a great deal of potential for creativity. The name means ‘a thousand flavours’ and whilst that might be a bit of an exaggeration, they give it a damn good go. Creative dishes include a good, but not excessive, choice of meat, fish & seafood and vegetarian options.

Starter Platter, Mil Sabores, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Starters we’ve tried over the years include scrumptious soups (Canarian herby watercress with goats’ cheese and ham) and puff pastry parcels stuffed with prawns and veg and topped by gratinated cheese. The selection of starters for two people is a great way to try a mix of tempting sounding dishes, although the packed entrantes platter is actually enough for four people and excellent value at around €16.

Mains have ranged from Angel y Diablo (chicken and beef in a honey sauce with potato rosti) the Tower of Babel (a personal favourite of beef, pork and potato scallops in a towering kebab) and the vegetarian Popeye – puff pastry filled with Spinach and vegetables topped by a light herby sauce (there are always enticing vegetarian options).

Main Dish, Mil Sabores, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Desserts… well, they’re all naughtily good. If you’re a big pud fan, go for the selection and you get to try a mesmerising parade of postres even if it means running the risk of exploding.

In countless visits, the food at Mil Sabores has had us and friends oohing and aahing. On only one occasion was it less than delectable and even then it was judged to be ‘really good’. The food is always perfectly cooked but it’s the imagination of the culinary combinations and the range of exquisite flavours that lift Mil Sabores’ creations into a different league. This is food for people who want their meals to have an individual personality that stands out rather than keeps its head down to blend in with the flock.

Creative it may be, pretentious it most certainly isn’t.

Selection of Postres, Mil Sabores, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Of all the people we’ve taken to Mil Sabores, only one person didn’t enjoy it as she classed it as ‘too fancy’. By her own admission she’d have preferred scampi & chips or chicken in a mushroom sauce. Mil Sabores definitely isn’t for people who like their food ‘straightforward’, as one reviewer on Tripadvisor put it.

However, for those who like imaginative and tastebud pleasing cuisine in sophisticated surroundings Mil Sabores should be a ‘must’ port of call when visiting Puerto de la Cruz.

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