The Best Fiestas, Festivals and Events on Tenerife in August 2012

August on Tenerife is the hottest month and a time when the heat means that partying outdoors is almost compulsory; so much so that some theatres don’t bother opening during the month. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fiestas, music festivals, cinema on the beach or tapas tasting nights, the message is simple and clear – stay outdoors and enjoy yourself.

Romeria de San Roque, Garachico, Tenerife
The best fiestas on Tenerife in July.
With over 60 fiestas taking place on Tenerife this month you’ll be hard pressed not to stumble across one at some point – unless you never leave your resort. These are some of the biggest.

Virgen del Candelaria
It might not attract many visitors but the celebrations surrounding the date when Guanche shepherds ‘met’ the black virgin attract tens of thousands of pilgrims who descend on Candelaria on the 14th and 15th August. Anyone who wants to see an important and quite bizarre depiction of dopey Guanche shepherds taking on a wooden statue should head to Candelaria on the evening of the 14th, but don’t be surprised to find 99,999 other pilgrims at the party.

Hearts of Tejina, Tenerife
Hearts of Tejina (Corazones de Tejina)
Another bizarre and popular fiesta involving three neighbourhoods in Tejina constructing huge, beautifully scrumptious looking hearts made from fruit and elaborate pastries. The object? To erect them outside of the church on the 26th August and then insult your neighbours’ hearts. This builds a strong community spirit apparently. It’s great fun, wonderful to see and not as bitchy as it sounds.

Romería de San Roque
Expect beautifully decorated, ox drawn carts  filled with guys and gals in traditional costume bestowing gifts of food and wine on everyone they pass. Romerías are common-place on Tenerife throughout spring and summer but few places can match a setting such as Garachico’s picturesque streets. The Romería de San Roque takes place on the 16th but there are loads more events in the town throughout the month.

Fiestas in Alcalá and La Caleta
In the south of Tenerife the fiestas don’t tend to be of the same magnitude as in the north but there are still plenty to enjoy. The celebrations for the Nuestra Senora de Candelaria in Alcalá on the 15th are more intimate but still lively and usually involve a sea based firework display. Closer to the big southern resorts are the Fiestas de la Caleta between the 1st and the 6th which includes traditional music and activities, the highlight being the procession taking Nuestra Señora del Carmen to the sea at 1pm on the 5th.

Music Festivals on Tenerife
There’s masses of good music on Tenerife this month, this is only a selection.

Arona Summer Festival (Antonio Domínguez Stadium, Playa de las Américas; 10th)
One of the big summer fests featuring hours of music and DJs from across the seas (of course this being an island that could mean anything). Spinning the discs and pressing the buttons are names like Sean Paul, Nervo and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The sounds start from 6pm and last till dawn. Entrance is from €40.

Goymar Festival (Puertito de Güímar, 18th)
Heavy Metal fans will love this rocking festival on Tenerife’s east coast. Featuring around nine bands with names like Thrashtorno and theSLAUGHTERing it’s a head-banging nirvana. And it’s only €3 (one drink included).

David Bisbal (Auditorio de Tenerife, 2nd September, 9pm)
This one is at the start of September but as David Bisbal is one of Spain’s most popular and well known pop stars it’s worth knowing about well in advance. The latest tour from the curly-mopped one is a bit different in that it’s his first acoustic tour. Should be good, the lad can definitely carry a tune. Tickets are from €26

Alternative Events to Perk Up the Interest on Tenerife

Sansofé in El Médano doesn’t really fit into traditional fiesta or music fest; it’s got both… and more. Goodies to look out for are the Sensacionesl event on the 3rd which involves an agricultural fair between 10am and 2pm followed by tapas tasting with imaginative offerings from the area’s bars and restaurants between 6pm and midnight. Sensaciones coincides with Ichasagua – a homage to Canarian traditions which takes place on the 3rd and 4th in the town. There’s more tapas on the 11th from 11am at the Beer & Tapas Festival whilst one of the highlights of Sansofé is the XIX Muestra Folclórica de los Pueblos, (folklore from around the world) event between the 16th and 19th.

Cocktail Route (Arona, 30th Aug – 20th Sept)
It might seem odd to have a cocktail route in the municipality that is home to Playa de las Américas where bar crawls aren’t exactly uncommon. But this one should inspire some interesting cocktails at the very friendly price of €4 in participating bars.

La Papa Bonita Route (Los Realejos until 5th August)
There’s still time to munch on tapas and dishes inspired by Tenerife’s speciality veg – the potato. Los Realejos has been the home to events and demonstrations about growing and harvesting potatoes which were supposedly brought to the island from the Americas in 1622. To support these events, restaurants have been serving papas inspired dishes as pinchos (€2), tapas (€4) and as main meals (€7.50). If you fancy trying some of Tenerife’s best spuds (papas) here’s a link to the participating restaurants.

Feria de Artesanía Pinolere (La Orotava, 31st Aug to 2nd Sept)
The biggest artisan and craft fair on Tenerife is set in the most stunning location tucked into the hills in the La Orotava Valley and is an event that showcases the best of Tenerife (and the other Canary Islands) handicrafts, local foods and all sorts. It’s simply a fun day out in the real Tenerife where you’ll come away with bags of local goodies that you can’t pick up anywhere else.

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