The Complete Guide to Farmers’ Markets on Tenerife

Supermarkets are convenient but they don’t offer that buzz of activity that you find at agricultural markets. They also don’t have the same selection of local goodies ranging from cottage industry cheeses, wines and honeys to mojos (sauces) and handicrafts. And as for fruit and vegetables, there’s just no comparison; the hypermarket’s sad selection pales into insignificance compared to the shiny, perfect and sometimes baffling array on offer at the farmers’ markets on Tenerife.

When anyone asks about where to find farmers’ markets on Tenerife, generally the same names get thrown up – Adeje, La Laguna, Tacoronte. But there are actually a lot more places to stock up on fruit, veg, wine, cheese, breads, pastries, herbs & spices, salted and fresh fish, meats and sausages and, as they say, lots, lots more. Wherever you are on Tenerife there’s a good chance that there’s a decent market not too far away and they’re always worth a nosey.

Here’s Real Tenerife’s complete (almost) guide to farmers’ and agricultural markets on Tenerife.

Farmers’ Market Adeje
Location: Beside Makro on Calle Archara
Number of Stalls: 50
Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2pm. From 1 April 2015 the market is also open between 4 and 8pm on Wednesday.
Comment: Probably the most accessible for the majority of tourists, if not the most charming.

Farmers’ Market Anaga Mountains
Location: Cruz del Carmen
Number of Stalls: 12-18
Opening Hours: Saturday from 9am to 2.30pm & Sunday from 10am to 2.30pm
Comment: Great location; enjoy one of the best walking areas on Tenerife, then stock up on some local goodies.

Farmers’ Market  Arico
Location: Calle Benitez de Lijo, 1
Number of Stalls: 23
Opening Hours: Sunday from 8am to 1pm
Comment: A small affair worth visiting only if you happen to be in the area.

Farmers’ Market El Rosario
Location: Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Number of Stalls: Varies
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 4pm
Comment: See Arico above.

Farmers’ Market El Sauzal
Location: Calle Constitución, 3
Number of Stalls: 17
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 1pm & 5to7.30pm; Friday 8.30am to 1.30pm & 4.30 to 7.30pm; Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 2pm
Comment: Worth a look if you’re in the town.

Farmers’ Market Güímar
Location: Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Number of Stalls: 53
Opening Hours: Saturday from 8am to 1pm
Comment: Nice location in the town of the pyramids.

Farmers’ Market La Guancha
Location: Road between Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos
Number of Stalls: 53
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 3pm
Comment: One of the newer markets conveniently located on the main road between Icod and Puerto with plenty of parking. Has a café/restaurant attached that’s open 24 hours a day.

Farmers’ Market La Laguna
Location: Plaza San Francisco
Number of Stalls: 103
Opening Hours:Saturday from 7am to 3pm daily & also 5 to 8pm on Thursdays.
Comment: This is one of Tenerife’s biggies – salt cod piled high like books, vibrant spices, purple broccoli and the occasional skinned goat.

Farmers’ Market La Matanza
Location: TF217 – the old road linking the northern hill towns.
Number of Stalls: 60-100
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 3pm
Comment: Another big, buzzing market which has handicrafts and books as well.

Farmers’ Market La Orotava
Location: Calle Educadora Lucía Mesa
Number of Stalls: 44
Opening Hours: Saturday from 8am to 1pm
Comment: An alternative to the permanent daily market above the Mercado Municipal in Puerto de la Cruz on the coast.

Farmers’ Market Puerto de la Cruz
Location: First floor of the Mercado Municipal on the road leading down to Playa Jardín.
Number of Stalls: varies
Opening Hours: Daily except Sunday
Comment: Part of a shopping centre which means I never think of it as a farmers’ market but there are fruit and veg, meat and fish stalls.

Farmers’ Market San Isidro
Location: TF64 near the TF1 motorway
Number of Stalls: 83
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 2pm
Comment: One of the places to get good fruit and veg in the south of Tenerife even if the location isn’t the most picturesque.

Farmers’ Market San Juan de la Rambla
Location: Carretera General La Guancha-La Orotava
Number of Stalls: Varies
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am.
Comment: Better waiting for the weekend and going to La Guancha.

Farmers’ Market San Miguel de Abona
Location: Poligono Industrial Las Chafiras
Number of Stalls: 66
Opening Hours: Wednesday 4 to 8pm; Saturday & Sunday 8am to 2pm.
Comment: Another solid place for good fruit, veg and local produce in the south.

Farmers’ Market Nuestra Señora de Africa, Santa Cruz
Location: Avenida San Sebastián
Number of Stalls: 200
Opening Hours: Daily from 6-3pm.
Comment: Any visit to Santa Cruz should include an explore of this fabulous colonial looking market. Some of the fruit and veg are a complete mystery.

Farmers’ Market Santiago del Teide
Location: Town centre
Number of Stalls: 6-12
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8am to 3pm.
Comment: Picturesque location but feels as though it’s put on for passing tourists.

Farmers’ Market Tacoronte
Location: Main road between Tacoronte and Valle Guerra – unmissable when the market is on.
Number of Stalls: 82
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8am to 2pm.
Comment: Another of Tenerife’s big farmers’ markets – no surprise as this is the greenhouse of Tenerife territory. Buzzing.

Farmers’ Market Tegueste
Location: Behind the petrol station on the road leading from Tegueste to La Laguna.
Number of Stalls: 38
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8.30am to 2pm.
Comment: A personal favourite. Tegueste farmers’ market is a good size with a nice atmosphere and a mix of handicraft and food and wine stalls. Good for a visit if not the best for fruit and vegetables.

Farmers’ Market Teno
Location: Near the centre of El Palmar
Number of Stalls: 6-11
Opening Hours: Saturday from 9am to 2.30pm; Sunday 10am to 2.30pm (but not always – this is real rural Tenerife).
Comment: Possibly the most stunning location for a market on Tenerife – just don’t expect it to be open when it should be.

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