Dear owner, the food in your Tenerife restaurant is just average

We have a mental list of the restaurants in Tenerife we want to visit. Restaurants go on that list for all sorts of reasons. One of those restaurants is Oliver’s With A Twist in Los Cristianos. The restaurant has mainly rave 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor where it’s classed as the number one restaurant in the resort and the number two restaurant on Tenerife.

As number five on that list is a Brit Bar I don’t take the list very seriously, but Oliver’s intrigues. However, it’s unlikely we’ll ever eat there as, apparently, you can’t just roll up and grab an empty table. The place is booked months in advance. We can’t say what we’ll be doing next week let alone in a couple of months. It’s incredible, the sort of thing you expect from Michelin star restaurants, except a few months ago I was able to book a table at Kazan, one of of the island’s Michelin star restaurants, a day in advance.

Food at Lucas Maes, La Orotava, Tenerife
Classy looking and exquisitely tasty, food at Lucas Maes

I’d love to find out for myself if the food was as good as the restaurants we’ve eaten at which we consider rank amongst the best on Tenerife we’ve tried so far. I know there are people who say it’s the best on the island in their reviews, but that’s something people often say without thinking it through so I don’t take them seriously either. If those folk have eaten at the likes of El Rincón de Juan Carlos, Kabuki, M.B, Kazan and Lucas Maes before making such a claim then I’ll bow to their judgement and eat my molecular hat. My money’s on my metaphorical hat remaining on my head rather than in my stomach.

Mediocre food 1
As mediocre as it looks at a Spanish restaurant on Tenerife

Whenever I check out a restaurant I always have a look at the less than glowing reviews as well as the rave ones. Sometimes these can be clear nonsense, but at other times they provide valuable insights. The devil is always in the detail. Oliver’s don’t have many average to poor reviews but some of the ones they had got me thinking about our approach to writing Tenerife restaurant reviews.

Mediocre food 3
Found in cafés all across Tenerife – the burger with a floppy piece of meat in the middle

Unfair negative online reviews are the scourge of businesses, especially in these times where there seems to be a plague of people who get a kick out of leaving unpleasant and potentially destructive comments, be that on forums, newspaper articles or reviews. I applaud owners who fight back and challenge those who are being unjustly unreasonable. Oliver’s do this. But they also challenge reviews where diners have judged the food as being only okay and this is what got me thinking.

Mediocre food 7
At a Canarian restaurant this looked as though it had been cooked in the washing up water

Replying to a 3 star review where the reviewer classed the food as being average the owner questioned why they hadn’t complained at the time. This is what had me pulling at my chin and pondering.

Would I complain if I’d just eaten a meal in a restaurant that I felt was just okay? The answer is a clear no, of course I wouldn’t. What is there to complain about if there’s nothing actually wrong with the food? We often eat in restaurants on Tenerife, and in other destinations, where the food is just ‘fine’. And we don’t usually review them.

Mediocre food 4
Not bad, just bland at a Tenerife pizzeria

You might think it odd not to give people the ‘heads up’ when we rate a restaurant as being mediocre, but we have our reasons.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so why draw attention to somewhere which is just run of the mill? There are lots of restaurants in Los Cristianos, Las Américas, Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes, Playa de la Arena, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz etc. which we consider fall into the ‘mediocre’ category so simply never mention them. We generally only write about those where we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the food and the experience, or where there’s been something which makes the restaurant a bit different from the norm. We also will write a review where the experience was poor, such as with the Parador on La Gomera.

Mediocre food 2
Not bad tasting, but it was Chinese trying to pass itself off as Thai

So next time we eat at a restaurant and the food falls into the okay bracket, we still won’t be replying with a variation of “actually it was only average” when asked if we enjoyed the meal. There might be a mumbled “it was fine” – that magnolia of words. But neither will we write a review.

Unless, of course, the average food is being served in any restaurant which is classed as amongst the island’s best restaurants by Tripadvisor reviewers.


Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+


  1. Coincidentally, I have been fascinated by the popularity of ‘Olivers with a Twist’ for a long while but like you, couldn’t be bothered with their ‘bookings only’ system. Recently, we were invited by friends who had a table booked so we went to see what all of the fuss was about. I have to say that while the service and presentation were both very good, the food in my opinion was average and over-priced. The menu has British standards on it that you will find on most Brit restaurants and pubs. From memory, the menu when we were there had dishes such as pork belly, fish & chips, steak & ale pie, roast dinner etc. There was nothing wrong with it at all but the best restaurant in Tenerife, I doubt it.

    • That’s really interesting Gary, cheers. I suspected it might be like that. There have been a few times we’ve read rave reviews about restaurants and then wondered what the fuss was all about when finally managed to eat in them.

  2. You must consider most who go to restaurants here are not food critics, rather just average Brits abroad . The UK consumer is notoriously poor at food quality and generally eat from a a pile it high sell it cheap stance. If you usually eat in hungry horse then OWAT (not being singled out as I have never dined there either) will by default considered fine dining.

    When the request for a Thai restaurant is asked on FB , often the first back is Thai Botanico. That says a lot to be about diners visiting here. TB food quality is very good (for a Chinese restaurant which IMHO are mostly absolutely dismal here),but Thai it most certainly isnt

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