Ten Things About Los Gigantes

Where is Los Gigantes?
In the far south west of Tenerife about 40 minutes drive (or a lot longer bus journey) from Tenerife Sur Airport. We differentiate south west from north west just around the famous cliffs where the weather can very, very different.

What I like about Los Gigantes
It is the resort with the most envious views on Tenerife. Los Gigantes is in a beautiful location. On one side are the towering cliffs that gave the resort its name and out to sea is the island of La Gomera; perfectly placed to add even more spectacle to the end of daylight show aka sunset.

What I don’t like about Los Gigantes
It’s not Canarian enough. To be fair, it is a purpose built resort that has become a residential area and the people living there do observe Canarian traditions like carnaval etc. But its personality is resolutely British with bars and restaurants to suit.

Where I’d stay in Los Gigantes
There’s not a lot of choice in Los Gigantes but I’d opt for El Hotelito (Poblado Marinero). Although it’s slightly faded (that’s what you get with wooden balconies right beside the sea) it is built in a traditional style. It also overlooks the marina which is another attraction plus guests get free access to the swimming pool complex across the road.

Where I’d have a coffee in Los Gigantes
At the Mirador Archipenque café on the way out of town. The areal views are simply stupendous.

Where I’d eat lunch in Los Gigantes
The harbour is a lovely place to sit, but sometimes I feel like I’m I paying a bit of a premium for the privilege. So around the plaza in the centre of town seems better value to me and is a nice enough place to sit anyway.

Where I’d eat dinner in Los Gigantes
For me El Rincon de Juan Carlos beside the resort’s small plaza is head and shoulders above everywhere else. If you’re into good, imaginative food this is the place.

Where I’d sunbathe in Los Gigantes
Playa Los Guios is the town’s only beach and has impressive up close and personal views of the Los Gigantes cliffs.

Where I’d go for a drink in Los Gigantes
Till recently, the bars in Los Gigantes didn’t really do it for me. But there have a been a few changes over the years. As the sun goes down I’d pay the extra to have a cool beer around the marina, after that it would be back up to the area around the plaza.

Where I’d avoid in Los Gigantes
The first time I had a drink at the Highland Paddy III there was an army of signs plastered all across the facade of the bar informing customers what they couldn’t do. There were just too many rules. I’d never seen that in Tenerife and it put me right off the place. I was worried if I accidentally spilled my drink I might be taken out the back to face a firing squad. The signs have gone but the damage was done on that first visit. I’ve never been back since.

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    • Thanks Linda, I’d heard about the tapas bar in the square and will try it out on my next visit… then I can change where I’d have lunch 🙂

  1. Just read your comments Jack regarding signs in Highland Paddy 3, and i have to disagree as there were no signs in February (or at any time) that would imply you would be taken out by a firing squad if you spilt a drink! and to be honest with you as soon as a drink is spilt the staff are very quick to clean it up and replace the drinks! So I don’t think its very fair of you to say its a “place to avoid” in Los Gigantes as it is a very, very friendly, family orientated cabaret and sports bar and all the staff welcome you, hence it being the busiest and friendliest bar in Los Gigantes!

    • Hi Bobbi,

      Thanks for the comment. The 10 things is a purely personal view.

      I mentioned in the piece that the signs had gone but, like I said, they left a lasting impression that has put me off the bar. First impressions are all important.

      It is a busy and popular bar as you say, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more with above comments! Los Gigantes is the only place in Tenerife which has a real community whether an ex-pat, holiday maker or visitor! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and always felt safe and comfortable there. As for Highland Paddy’s I can honestly say me and the missus have had the time of our life there, so many laughs and entertainment awesome! Back there in 3 months and can’t wait!! Enjoy life, its the only one we have!

  3. We spend two months a year in Los Gigantes and it has it all, we go to various bars around the resort and enjoy them all fro modern pop to opera, Frank at the Green Corner can play anything on his guitar plus he does requests.
    If you don’t like it don’t go, if you want to be miserable stay at home, Smile!!!!! your in Tenerife as Baz Knite says, QUITE RIGHT too. Fab place.
    See you there in Jan 2015

  4. We love L Gigantes, if you have a problem there theme you should stay at home.
    SMILE!!!! Your in Tenerife as Baz Knight says.
    Go and listen to Frank at the Green Corner, his guitar know everything.
    You can listen to Pop or Classics in various bars so cheer up give it a go.
    See you all there Feb-March 2015

  5. LOL – I don’t have a problem with Los Gigantes. There are lots of things I like about the resort Peter and Iris, but there are also a couple of things that don’t really do it for me – like some of the bars. And you’re right, because of that I don’t go to them when I’m in the resort. That’s just differing tastes, which we’ve all got. But I do need to change a couple of things as I’ve changed my view since I wrote this. So thanks for the commen and reminding me of that.

  6. I think you are rather out of date about Los Gigantes, Jack. For a start, all the restaurants cater for UK/ German/ Spanish/ French/ Nordic/ Russian customers, not just British. We have stayed here for 6 weeks, 2 years running and in our apartment block there have been all those nationalities with British not in a majority. The Germans and Swedes in particular seem to to like to use LG as a base for walking and we currently have a Spanish guest one side of us and a French family on the other side. I have not seen English soaps on anywhere in town when I’ve been down there in the evening, though a few places show sports. I have seen 1 place that does kareoke, ( hardly ‘full’of it). There are several places that do decent tapas during the day, particularly El Rincon de Antonio, at the end of the marina, the bar in the plaza, mentioned in an earlier review and, surprisingly, the Harbour Club has a separate tapas menu of 22 different dishes and has the bonus of a great view over the sea. TAS K is getting rave reviews on Tripadvisor, though I have not sampled it yet. You have recommended El Rincon de Juan Carlos – great if your holiday budget stretches to €50 pp for a meal but Jardin de Sol next door does decent Canarian food for a more reasonable price and seems to attract the locals – a good sign.
    If you are looking for a traditional Canarian community LG is not the place but please at least describe it accurately. Oh, and by the way, there is not just one hotel in LG. You can’t possibly miss the Royal Sun, for a start.

    • Fair enough Joy. At the time I wrote this it was accurate and only recently I was saying that I’d probably been unfair and it was time to update. It was just after I’d had a few experiences that I don’t think showed the best of the resort. One was asking for a bocadillo in a supermarket where the shop assistant (English) had no idea what a bocadillo was. Another was asking for tapas at a restaurant on the harbour and the owner (English) saying ‘oh, you must be the people who won the radio contest’ like someone asking for tapas was so rare it had to be as a prize. Another bar (British) served me a toastie from the 80s whilst Last of the Summer Wine was on TV and The Beatles were on the radio. Then I stood behind a local in a shop (English woman) moaning that she had to go and mingle with the tourists in Las Américas and I can’t stand that sort of false snobbery. This was all in the space of a couple of days and I have to admit it coloured my view even though I like Los Gigantes and think it does what it does very well. But there are things I’m not keen on, just as there are things I don’t particularly like about where I live.

      I was down there not so long ago, so I’ll make a few changes. Thanks.

  7. Your experiences sound horrendous, Jack. I’m not surprised they coloured your view. I must admit that we tend to steer clear of most of the more ‘English’ looking places, except the Harbour Club where we visit occasionally as it is handy after a day out on the bus. On our first visit we did make the mistake of asking for fabada and sidra at the Asturias restaurant and were told that ‘Asturias is just a name’. However, I guess that is fair enough when you are in Tenerife.

    • Your experience with the Asturias restaurant made me laugh, sorry 🙂 I had the restaurant down on my list to try as I love Asturias and have had a yen for fabada recently (the cool weather), so that’s good to know.Why on earth call themselves ‘Asturias’ when they’ve got nothing to do with the region? You can even buy fabada packs in the supermarkets here.

      We got excited when a Greek restaurant opened in Puerto de la Cruz a few years ago… until we saw the menu. Apart from hummus, mostly it was the same as every other Canarian restaurant on Tenerife 🙂

  8. Jack,
    Don’t be put off going to Restaurante Asturias. My wife have been going there on and off for 30 years and have never been disappointed. The food is simple but excellent, keenly priced and fresh and the atmosphere at night sitting outside in the Church square is fabulous.
    It’s one reason why a lot of the residents come out of the Los G hotel for a nightcap

  9. Hi Does anyone know how much it will cost by Taxi from the Airport, South to Los Gigantes.
    My wife and I arrive in March.

    Kind regards,

    • Official price is around €63 for two people Steve, but it can vary slightly depending on arrival times. It’s always worth checking with taxi drivers what the price should be… more or less.

  10. If someone opened a proper decent honest clean decent restaurant who knew what they were doing, they would be mega successful – we really struggle with restaurant in LG. we used to like the little Italian at the top, but has gone downhill since change of ownership. We don’t like no.1 rincon – yuk – too Heston for our liking – tennis club okay for breakfast but otherwise it’s like an upmarket care home – food pretty dismal – we think no one seems to have to try that hard because LG has a captive audience unless you drive out which a lot of people don’t bother to do – but it is what it is – very safe, friendly and easy going

  11. Perhaps a bit stupid question, but by ” We differentiate south west from north west just around the famous cliffs where the weather can very, very different” – how do you mean that the weather differs? Would be good to know when planning a holiday to Los Gigantes and/or the North. (I guess one or the other side gets more rain?)

    Thanks from a Tenerife newbie 🙂

    • Not a stupid question at all, it’s quite unusual just how much the west of the island is split weather wise. There’s a tunnel on the north west side you can enter in under cloudy skies and exit on its more southern side into full sunshine. Often you can even see a line which looks almost as though it was drawn into the sea with calm water on one side an choppy on the other. Los Gigantes is one of the sunniest spots on the island whereas Isla Baja on the northern side of the Teno Massif is prone to more cloud. It’s not really a question of rain. But that applies just to that area not the rest of the north. The island has many microclimates.

  12. Thinking of going to this place in December and just wondering if everywhere will be open or mainly shut like some out of season places as we would be self catering and if the area is suitable for someone with walking difficulties.

    • There is no out of season on Tenerife Alan. And winter is peak northern European holiday season, everywhere is open. But it is a hilly area and rises steeply away from the coast. Look at Playa de la Arena which is more or less joined on so enjoys the same weather. It’s also steeper away from the coast, but there’s more of a flattish promenade where most bars and restaurants are located. You should be able to get an apartment more or less on the coast.

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