Tenerife Carnaval Photo Diary, Election of the Carnaval Queen

The problem with carnival (carnaval) on Tenerife is that once it begins, it demands your attention lock, stock and barrel – well if you allow yourself to be engulfed by its seductive charms. In our case work dictates that we can’t hold a crucifix to ward it off but, hey, there are worse ways to earn a living.

Keeping websites, blogs and social media up to date with photos etc. is an almost impossible task as carnival events pile up. No word of a lie, we went from lunchtime Wednesday to 6pm Thursday with only a Kit Kat and two breakfasts of fruit and muesli to sustain us (and a lot of strong coffee) because schedules were such that we couldn’t fit in eating.

Anyway, all that is an excuse for why I’m starting a Tenerife Carnaval Photo Diary three days after the first big event, the Election of the Carnaval Queen Show. Consider it a sort of satellite delay.

An extravaganza it certainly is and with a behind the scenes chat with Carnaval Queen candidates thrown it, we were at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz, where the show took place, for seven hours.

As well as the election of the Canaval Queen there were carnival groups, dancers and singers including famous local and national names. It is in many ways and old fashioned variety show with the glitz and glamour of a beauty contest. These photos show two aspects of the show; above is one of the potential queens, Jessica Guardia Carrillo wearing, if that’s the correct term, the costume ‘Aurora’. The top photo is, obviously, of one of the dance troupes.

The show was a sell-out and a huge hit with the mainly Canarian audience. After starting at 9.45 (to allow the Milan v Arsenal Champion’s League match to finish) it was 1.30am before the winner Carmen Gil Gonzaléz (above) cried and smiled her way to the title of Santa Cruz Carnaval Queen 2012.

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