Tenerife Carnaval Photo Diary, What Does a Carnaval Queen Look Like Out of Costume?

Barely hours after the gala for Election of the Carnaval Queen was over we were back in Santa Cruz  and in the gardens of the Hotel Mencey to interview Carmen Gil Gonzaléz, the new Santa Cruz Carnaval Queen 2012, for Tenerife Magazine.

Despite a yellow weather alert for rain in Tenerife’s capital, it was a warm, sunny day and a light jacket over a T-shirt was a light jacket too much. With typical laid back Tenerife style it was impossible to tell that there was going to be any sort of interviewing going on and a distinct lack of other press and anybody official looking had us doubting we were at the right venue.

However, a helpful member of staff re-assured us with:

“The mayor of Santa Cruz is having lunch in the bar, so this is definitely the right place.”

Whilst we waited, we wandered around the Hotel Mencey’s immaculate grounds stopping, as everyone does, to smile at the terrapins sunbathing beside one of the outdoor terraces.

It had been a hectic night and it was unlikely Carmen Gil Gonzaléz had been able to grab many Zs, so it was understandable that she was a bit behind schedule. I didn’t recognise her when she turned up with mayor José Manuel Bermúdez, counsellor for Fiestas, Fernando Ballesteros and winning costume designer, Santi Castro. The fresh faced young woman bore little resemblance to the glamorous beauty queen from the previous night. Despite only having three hour’s sleep, she looked as fresh as a daisy in a spring meadow.

The interview will be in Tenerife Magazine shortly but for the moment this is what a carnaval queen looks like out of costume.

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