The Real Tenerife is an online magazine and guide devoted to the parts of Tenerife that most websites gloss over. It is for discerning travellers seeking a new travel experience on Tenerife.

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  • A short time after moving to Tenerife in 2003, a case of mistaken identity indirectly led to us being commissioned to write for a local magazine. Some people mistook me for the Irish Ambassador to Tenerife at a wine awards ceremony […]

  • Even though the sending of telegraphs began in 1837, by 1880 on Tenerife and the Canary Islands if you wanted to communicate with anyone overseas the only way to do so was by sending mail by ship. […]

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  • Although a mainstay of islanders’ diets for centuries, Canarian cochino negro herds diminished over the years until a renaissance in Canarian gastronomy during the last decade brought old traditions and farming methods back into vogue. […]

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What Makes The Real Tenerife Different?

We’ve watched sunrise from the summit of Mount Teide and bathed in midsummer waters at midnight; belted out This Sex is on Fire in bars in Las Américas and cried to Ave Maria at fishermen’s fiestas; downed mojitos in Cuban bars and shared vino del pais with caballeros in the mountains; slept in palatial hotels and under canvas in the pine forest; cross-dressed at carnaval and been spellbound at silent, religious parades; trekked to remote hamlets and followed tapas trails galore. Our Real Tenerife knowledge comes from experience and, as a result, all the photos accompanying articles have been taken by us.

Something to try on Tenerife in June and July – sardines

There's a saying which goes along the lines of you should only eat sardines in months with no 'r'. Although the sardinadas take place in July in Tenerife, sardine season in southern parts of Europe start in earnest in June, so it's worth looking for some simply grilled sardines now. During the sardinada they tend to be served with a chunk of aniseed bread and a cup of wine or beer - [Sardines and salsa on Tenerife].

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