The Real Tenerife is an online magazine and guide devoted to the parts of Tenerife that most websites gloss over. It is for discerning travellers seeking a new travel experience on Tenerife.

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  • “Soy canario, no soy español.” “I’m Canarian, I’m not Spanish.” It’s something we’ve been proudly told countless times over the years in the Canary Islands. When the person saying it has referred to me as [...]

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  • Considering the great majority of people who visit Tenerife do so to spend (hot) chill out time on its coast you’d be forgiven for thinking there might not be a lot of quiet coastline left [...]

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  • “Why did they think that was going to work?” It’s a question we ask sometimes when we see a new venture where the venture isn’t in the slightest bit new at all. In our first summer [...]

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The beautiful Tenerife rain

November 22, 2016 0

It was a valuable lesson about the Tenerife where people lived and worked as opposed to the one on which to enjoy holidays… […]

What Makes The Real Tenerife Different?

We’ve watched sunrise from the summit of Mount Teide and bathed in midsummer waters at midnight; belted out This Sex is on Fire in bars in Las Américas and cried to Ave Maria at fishermen’s fiestas; downed mojitos in Cuban bars and shared vino del pais with caballeros in the mountains; slept in palatial hotels and under canvas in the pine forest; cross-dressed at carnaval and been spellbound at silent, religious parades; trekked to remote hamlets and followed tapas trails galore.

Real Tenerife knowledge comes from experience.

Top Tenerife Fiestas & Festivals in March

Carnival bridges February and March this year with the big northern carnivals finishing at the start of the month after that it's the turn of the southern carnivals. Check our fiesta page to find out what major fiestas are taking place this month [Real Tenerife Fiesta Guide] and the Real Tenerife facebook page for news and information on the best events taking place on Tenerife [Real Tenerife on facebook]

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