The Real Tenerife

The Real Tenerife is devoted to the parts of Tenerife that most websites gloss over. Most people’s holidays to Tenerife tend to involve heading to the sunny, purpose built resorts of the south. However much of the rest of Tenerife is where the Canarios live, work and play; a place where traditions and culture thrive.

In short, a lot of Tenerife remains a delicious secret with bizarre fiestas, gasp-inducing scenery and  inhabitants whose sense of family and community bond is super glue strong. In the Real Tenerife Spain combines with South America and Africa to create a land and people that are quite unique and a million miles away from the image that many people have of Tenerife.

The Real Tenerife is for discerning travellers who are looking for a new travel experience when they jump on a flight to Tenerife.


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